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Welcome to Fun with Facts. My name is Bobby, and I used to be an avid sharer of conspiracy theories. I used to be what many would describe as a conspiracy theorist. I listened to Alex Jones daily, I would religiously watch videos of chiropractors "exposing" science, and I would binge-watch documentaries on the Illuminati, Freemasons, Ancient Aliens, and New World Order. I was hot on the conspiracy of the Malaysian airliner MH17 shootdown over Ukraine, and was particularly interested in chemtrails.

I am now someone who has invested my time into learning about philosophy, psychology, and science. I no longer "believe" things - I fact-check them. I decided to write up this website for both the alternative-thinker and people wanting to learn about them. This website is broken down into six sections and is designed to be experienced in a linear direction, from page to page as it is linked.

There is also a section devoted to fact-checking individual conspiracy claims. You can get to them in the "Further Reading" section, and they are linked on this home page with the icons in the top right. To start, click on Conspiracy Mentality.


This section details my own experience with how I used to behave when I had the conspiracy mentality, how my transformation happened, as well as

in-depth reading of the psychology literature relating to what behaviour I observe in other people today.

I also detail failings of the human brain in context of evolutionarily learned traits, as well as some typical behavioural properties and characteristics of alternative-thinkers sharing conspiracy theories I converse with today.


This is my understanding and learnings of philosophy. It is mainly focussed at two things. Firstly, my understanding of bias and logical fallacies which are ways our brains skew information to suit our

pre-existing ideals.

Secondly, understanding subtext and the two simultaneous and opposing ways in which alternative-thinkers conduct themselves around others to shield their opinion and beliefs from harm.


In this section I cover two things. Firstly, I go into what science is and how it works from the methodologies involved, terminologies used, as well as the process of publishing, and the limitations of science. I also outline how the scientific process can help us shape our thinking to allow for better quality of understanding of everyday life.

Secondly, I show you how to read scientific papers and break down a paper at the end to help you read more for yourself.


Here I go into many things such as what I consider critical-thinking to be, what scepticism is and how I think it should be used, as well as more political content about media bias and tribalism.

I use the January 6th of 2021's MAGA insurrection on capitol hill as an example of tribalism's dangers, and I cover the immediate conspiracy theories which followed it.

This section concludes with a guide of how to fact-check information by checking sources, putting information in context, and applying active centrism.


As the name suggests, this section is a summary of everything so far on this site. I outline how forming views works, and what I think the origin of conspiracy theories and by extention, the conspiracy mentality to be.

I also share some legitimate conspiracies as an example of a conspiracy proven correctly, and finally I end with a section on fact-checking current conspiracy claims one-by-one as I see them.


Lastly, this section is for additional content you can view on the same kinds of subjects as this website discusses from Facebook pages, to YouTube channels.

I also share and annotate some of my old conspiracy posts and deconstruct both my own behaviour, and the behaviour of the people I debated. Finally, I end this section with other people who, as the tagline of this website states: woke up to waking up.

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