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Fun with Facts

Corrections - Updates - Removals

Alterations / Changes

I add this in for transparency but also to demonstrate the value in growth by admitting mistakes or inaccuracies openly. 

All Pages - 01.05.2020

Changed the language of all pages from "conspiracy theorist" to "alternative-thinker". Conspiracy theorist has proven an inflammatory term which alienates and disassociates the demographic this website is aimed at helping. A different introduction was written for the home page to explain this,however, the term "conspiracy theories" will remain as they are accurate. "Conspiracy theorists" genralises a very complex and nuanced way of thinking, so this has been changed.

Logical Fallacies - 01.05.2020

After receiving feedback about an example I used to demonstrate a fallacy that used a hypothetical example incolving religion, I have changed it to the current underwear example - This was on the section devoted to the composition fallacy.

5G Conspiracy - Safety - 02.05.2020

I have removed a section where I go over the credentials of the people on the EMFScientists website. I removed this as I felt the tone was being over-critical for the sake of finding fault in their ability to present accurate information. If I'm being honest with myself, that was also my intention while writing it. That was dishonest so I removed it. I focused only on the information provided and kept reading the website and the irony is that I agreed with much of it because it doesn't support the 5G conspiracy, it does the opposite. 

Philosophy - 20.07.2020

I have added in a new page on logic, reason, and uncommon sense. This was needed before but wasn't originally added. The narrated sections won't be accurate as I need to re-record the previous page and narrate this one.

A few pages - 30.07.2020

I've added a section to the bottom of the conspiracy mentality section so the narration is now incomplete. I have also added a new page to the psychology section about illusionary patterns which aren't yet narrated. I have now proof read the statistics and study reading sections so they should be in their complete state now.

I have also wrote up the Hydroxychloroquine page for the Coronavirus section of the conspiracy archive. I am yet to proof read it.

Face Masks - 01.08.2020

I amended the gaseous cloud MIT page section to add in the caveat that the study was only indoors so outdoor factors might mean that basic wind carries calculations don't apply.

The paper on home made face mask efficacy passed peer review so that link has been updated.

Finally, I added in a series of studies at the end about the utility of face masks in the context of seeing air currents refracted from a parabolic mirror.

Covid-19- Flu page - 07.08.2020

I took this page down today after finding out the studies referenced weren't of good quality. I've attained feedback from someone with more experience and knowledge than I do, so in the spirit of this website, I am pulling the page. I need to learn more about how to evaluate the quality of emerging papers. On the plus side, I have some new insight in evaluating peer-reviewed studies. It can only bring higher quality, right?

Covid-19 - Deadly page - 10.12.2020

I downgraded the claim from misleading to very misleading. I originally said the 99.9% figure was from the death rate without comorbidities. Whether this was correct or not, it wasn't sourced. I have replaced that with a lengthy section explaining the complexity of the infection fatality rate and why the 99.9% figure is incorrect, not misleading.

Covid-19 - Deadly page - 26.12.2020

I've added in a disclaimer at the start explaining the complexity of the interconencted situation that is deaths by covid-19. I've thought about it a lot over the last few months and one thing I didn't want the page to look to be doing, was promoting self-analysys of statistics. It's not a statistical analysis, so I didn't want to present it as one.

Entire website - 06.01.2021

I've made a new page background! Nice and colourful. I like it. I will be making this website a bit more visually appealing this year.

Politics and snowflakery - 08.02.2021

I had some very insightful feedback from someone on Facebook after posting the politics page. She raised some very good points and as such I've added in the central politics section on the page. I re-examined the page and clarified and altered some words to better get across my point and provide some more nuance. Some wording was a little clunky and I've fixed that up now.

Standards of evidence - 21.02.2021

I had some insightful feedback again from the same person, actually. This person is a scientific researcher who had some nuanced critiques of some of the points I made on this page. I have added in a few things and changed a little of the wording to show a more comprehensive and balanced view of the evidence discussed.

I added a bit more info to the sourced videos and articles sections and put more detail in the pre-print study section. I updated and added more info to the peer-review explanation, and removed a part where I mentioned checking citations and replaced with references used (which is more in line with what I think, anyway). I added some paragraphs to the journal section and added in a link to Beall's list.

Covid 19 - It's not deadly page - 08.03.2021

I updated a section involving the CDC planning scenarios. Taking a further look at it, I realised the numbers on the table were decimals and not percentages. I've included that on the page and referenced and quoted the table's source data.

General website - 14/05/2021

I've spent a ton of time making nice images for all the pages and social media share preview images. I've improved some pages here and there and tweaked a fair bit of content. There's too much to list but it has basically been a whole website revamp.

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