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06 - Other Stories of waking up to waking up

SeekTruth Speak True

A flat earther who realised the flawed reasoning and lack of science behind the flat earth movement and quite brilliantly chronicled his transformation.

The meme to the right I saw on SciBabe's Facebook page. I include this meme because the comments back up what I've been saying on this website:

"Openly admitting it to the people you debate, will usually result in them respecting you as someone open to change, with the strength to admit when you made a mistake."


Feketedios Bobita on Twitter shares her story of being someone who used to prescribe to conspiracy theories.

"So now I am joining them in the battle to get the truth told. Not this imaginary ‘truth’ they gaslight everyone with. But the real scientific proof. Keep up the good work guys!"

As with the ex flat-earther above, the Tweeter got a round of applause for having the bravery to reverse their opinion and admit it.

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