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Claim: (From Febuary) A vaccine will mysteriously appear in a few months

The claim was coupled with the plandemic conspiracy in which people think the pandemic was planned


So right now it's the end of November and I would like to dedicate a small page just reminiscing on one of the earliest conspiracy theories about the Vaccines for covid-19 early on during the pandemic. It was rife on social media and Facebook specifically saying "give it a month or two months and a vaccine will miraculously appear, come out, and everyone will have to get it."


Of course  this did not happen. These conspiracies were circulating in February, and we're now in late November and sign of a vaccine is appearing in December.  Oddly enough every single one of these people I've seen voice this conspiracy theory are now very silent as time rolled on and it was plainly obvious that what they were saying was completely false. 


This is what happens when you have a large portion of the population who have absolutely no idea how vaccines are tested, developed, and the timelines associated with all the steps involved in making sure that vaccines are safe and effective, commenting on vaccines without looking it up first.


So this is an incredibly short section but again, it's just a highlight of just how early these conspiracy theories started to circulate about vaccines before we even had one before we even had word of one - before phase 1 trials even ended in any of the vaccine trials, before many vaccine trials even started there were conspiracy theories.


A vaccine would be released in 1 to 2 months - 100% positively did not happen.  It should be fairly obvious why I classify this one to be false, because it did not happen. They were wildly inaccurate, there was no basis for their claims. They were voice by people who had no understanding of vaccine development in the slightest. 

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