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Claim: 5G is a weapon

The claim that 5G is a weapon


According to the Merriam dictionary:

"something (such as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat, or destroy"

So how could 5G be a weapon?

The only argument I see in favour of this is that the military use radio wave technology in weapons. That's true, they absolutely have that.

This is under the umbrella of Active Denial Systems. This also includes things like beanbag guns. You can read about it on the Department of Defence website.

It basically hits a target with a concentrated intense beam of millimetre radiofrequency to create the sensation temporarily of intense heat. This might seem like an "a-ha!" moment but think about it for a moment.

This is the first-hand experience of a journalist hit with one of the ADS truck-mounted beams.

"Suddenly my chest and neck feel like they've been exposed to a blast furnace, with a sting thrown in for good measure. I'm getting blasted with 12 joules of energy per square centimetre, in a fairly concentrated blast diameter. I last maybe two seconds of curiosity before my body takes the controls and yanks me out of the way of the beam."

Now, does this sound like the sensation you get around mobile phone towers? No, of course not. There is no comparison.


Do you mean this one? And yes, I have. It's baseless and full of logical inconsistencies.

"5G is a weapon, it's used by the military."..."In a much higher power than 5G will be with us."

Let's dissect that for a moment. Much higher? The difference is astronomical. He deliberately downplayed this but moving on.

"The human body including the skin is an antenna." Is it? What does the Merriam dictionary say?

"one of a pair of slender, movable, segmented sensory organs on the head of insects, myriapods, and crustaceans."

"a special sensitivity or receptiveness."

We don't have a literal antenna, and our ability to sense through the skin isn't anything impressive. Where is this coming from?

"It interacts with frequencies and it receives and transmits information." How? How does it do this? You can't just claim things without providing evidence for it. There is no evidence for this.

It would be very easy to get bogged down by going over every sentence he makes, and I could, but we're only focussing on the weapon aspect of 5G.

"When our electromagnetic fields are in balance and harmony, we have health."  Now technically we do have an electromagnetic field because we're made of atoms and atoms are surrounded by electrons which repel other electrons. We also radiate heat. But what does electromagnetic harmony or balance even mean? What specifically does that mean? And how do you link that to health? He's just saying things. For some interesting information on specifically what the human-emitted electromagnetic fields are, listen to this seminar by David Cohen of MIT.

So how does David Icke justify calling 5G a weapon? "These technologically generated frequencies are scrambling the balance of the human electromagnetic electrical communication systems, and if you scramble them you create a state of disharmony, of disease". So what evidence does he present for this?

He claims that because our brains operate electrically and that they operate in a range of frequencies, you can send messages to the brain externally because we're an antenna. Now some of that is true, and you can find information on that on Science Direct. This relates to different types of brain waves.

You'll notice that the frequencies listed are between 0.5 and 35 Hz. 5G frequencies come in 3 bands. These are the low bandwidth (700MHz), the primary band (3.4-3.8 GHz), and the pioneer band (24.25-27.5GHz). Future plans go up to 86 GHz. To put that into perspective, 1 Ghz is 1000000000 Hz. Quite the difference, right? Our active brainwave frequency is at bare minimum 20 million times smaller than 5G's low end, and on the high end is over 2.45 billion times smaller. Hell, let's look at 1G. 1G operates at 900MHz. 1 MHz is 1000000 Hz. Our highest frequency brainwave is over 25 million times smaller than the frequency of 1G radiowaves. Somehow 5G is capable of emitting brainwave frequencies but he doesn't explain how at all.

So how does this apply to 5G being a weapon? I'm not seeing the connection.

"Hate is a frequency and it's different to love. You know when you are in a room and there's lots of aggression and conflict and hatred, you feel it. What do people say? You could cut the atmosphere with a knife in there. That is because the frequencies of hate and conflict are being so generated they have changed the electromagnetic field of the room."

Really? There's no other explanation? Perhaps we have evolved as social creatures and can recognise emotion because we've lived in societies for thousands of years. Remember the research that he himself pointed out about emotional frequencies, they're up to double-digit Hz. That's so incredibly tiny. His reasoning for why we feel uncomfortable in conflict is ridiculous, he's just making things up. We recognise the tense atmosphere from a number of things like reading the tone of voice, microexpressions, word choice, body language, eye movements, and loudness.

Is there any evidence for this he didn't provide? I found a Business Insider article on an MIT team that built a radiowave machine that can measure emotions. Unfortunately, it does it by measuring breathing and heart rate. No emotional frequency transmission there. Mobile phone electromagnetic fields are able to increase alpha brainwave activity when a Nokia is strapped to your head. This only increased alpha brainwave activity. That's the brainwave associated with calmness, alerntness, learning and other things like that.


"Alpha brainwaves are dominant during quietly flowing thoughts, and in some meditative states. Alpha is ‘the power of now’, being here, in the present. Alpha is the resting state for the brain. Alpha waves aid overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning."

So what is his proof for this concept of transmitting emotions across populations? He claims that this already happens and that people are being influenced to feel anger and "then what they do is they trigger that with an event." So mass emotional manipulation through radio frequencies and a manufactured event to mask the control? Or in his own words, "manufactured frequency driven rage." So this causes riots? Maybe people are just angry at injustice and get riled up through social media and the news. He presents this wild speculation as the only answer without providing any evidence for it. It's baseless. He completely ignores more logical and rational explanations.

Supposedly the American military has admitted to having depression transmitters that cause the enemy to put their weapons down. I'm struggling to find this to be honest. He keeps saying 5G is a weapon but doesn't actually explain why. All he does is talk about electromagnetic field harmony, emotional frequencies, and unrelated energy weapons.

Honestly, there is close to no substance in this interview. It's a chain of claim after claim while also being pretty vague and unspecific about what he actually means.

So let's narrow down why this is so wrong. Let's give David Icks the benefit of the doubt. Let's just say that you can alter emotions with frequencies corresponding to the emotional frequencies of the brain. Let's say that you can do this over mass. 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G don't work in frequencies corresponding to brainwave frequency. They aren't compatible. His own argument debunks itself.


As far as I can tell it's because they both use radio frequencies. What this claim fails to understand is the intensity is hugely different. They're not even in the same league. We have safety guidelines for non-harmful levels of 5G radiowaves which we don't receive 2% of. How does this compare with an intentional high energy heat ray?

Would you say that a water pistol is capable of putting out a house fire because, like a fire hose, it uses water? No, that's not applicable. Their difference in capability and application is massive, just like in this case.

Or to put it in a more appropriate way, to say that 5G is a weapon because radiowave energy weapons exist is like saying because water jets can cut stone, that all water is harmful, therefore we should stop drinking water.

Is this semantics?

No, not at all. Are desk fans weapons because hurricanes destroy homes? Are concrete breakers weapons because earthquakes shake the earth's crust? Are your stereo speakers weapons because sound-based weapons exist? Are torches weapons because staring at the sun can cause blindness? Are lightbulbs weapons because they emit heat, and heat causes 1st-degree burns? This all sounds ridiculous, right? Exactly. That's exactly the point.


​I rate this false because it's a baseless claim and so far, I've seen absolutely no compelling arguments for this. All I've seen is pure speculation and disregard for the counter-evidence, and sometimes even a lack of understanding of the evidence presented for it.

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