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The 5G Conspiracy Theory

Claim: 5G causes COVID-19

The claim that 5G is either causes COVID-19 infection, or amplifies it


The main reasoning I've seen for this is that 5G and the Coronavirus pandemic surfaced at the same time. Or did they?

Beginning of the infection

According to a study in The Lacet.

"In December, 2019, a series of pneumonia cases of unknown cause emerged in Wuhan, Hubei, China, with clinical presentations greatly resembling viral pneumonia."

So that's our baseline. December 2019.


Here's the problem. If we just talk about the UK which has a huge problem with the pandemic

-Vodaphone went live on the 10th of July 2019 in seven cities including London.

-EE went live on the 30th of May 2019 in six largely populated cities

-BT went live with 5G on the 11th of October 2019 in 71 towns and cities

-o2 launched their 5G on October 17th 2019 in 6 major towns and cities.

-Voxi went live with 5G on the 29th October 2019 off the Vodafone network

It's not looking good for this claim is it? So the rollouts didn't happen at the same time as the first infection was found. 5G was first detected in the UK on the 31st of January. This is a full 8 months after 5G was first installed here. The first worldwide known infection didn't occur until 7 months after the UK first installed 5G. China first turned on 5G in November, and within a month of the first infection which is possibly where this false conclusion comes from.

Infection maps vs 5G maps

If 5G did indeed make the Coronavirus infection worse or even cause it, we'd expect to see them in the same place, right?

Here is a table of the number of Coronavirus infections per country from Worldometers.

Here is a world map of 5G coverage from Speedtest.

Now it's logical to assume the more densely populated the area, the more infection we would see. It's also logical to assume that companies would want 5G to be accessible to more people initially, so more densely populated areas would receive 5G first.

As of May 4th 2020 when writing this:

-Russia has no 5G coverage but has 145,268 COVID-19 cases.

-Canada has JUST turned on 5G  and has 59,844 COVID-19 cases. Their first case was January 25th 2020.

-Brazil hasn't yet got 5G and has 101,8726 COVID-19 cases.

-Iran hasn't yet got 5G and will launch it next year and has 98,647 COVID-19 cases.

-Turkey hasn't yet got 5G coverage but has 126,045 COVID-19 cases.

-Spain has 18 5G towers over the entire country, yet has 248,301 COVID-19 cases (world's 2nd highest)

-France has suspended 5G rollout yet has 168,693 COVID-19 cases. (World's 5th highest)

Here's one I found interesting:

-Switzerland has a massive 5G infrastructure with 572 towers in their tiny country and yet only have 29,981 COVID-19 cases.


​This might be difficult to accept, but correlation doesn't mean causation. To say that something happens at the same time as something else means that one cause the other is illogical. Things which are completely unrelated can correlate. That's why we need scientific evidence to make connections between cause and effect.

If you'd like a visual example, check out this website.


This claim is quite clearly false. Correlation doesn't mean causation, but these unrelated events don't even correlate. Countries that don't even have 5G are some of the worst-hit countries.

Whenever I've asked someone who believes this  to prove it, they usually share a David Icke video where he rambles about frequencies for 10 minutes. Until actual evidence is presented that verifies this claim in any way, this is absolutely false. "It hurts you by interfering with your frequencies." "OK, prove it". And that's where the conversation ends because the assumption or claim isn't based on evidence or reality. It's a made-up fantasy that people say, repeat and blindly accept. This isn't critical thinking.

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